CRM Confinova

CRM Confinova

Future Solutions Company proposes an integrated application structured in different modules which allow the management of the whole process of selling complex machines, services or plants which usually needs long Opportunities and great flexibility.

Why to choose Confinova CRM for your Company?

You have 10 good reasons to choose Confinova as CRM for the management of your Company

  1. Keeping an archive of your clients according to different classifications
  2. Keeping under control the opportunities according to their success probabilities, monitoring in the same time the Competition
  3. Scheduling different types of activity for every Customer and Opportunity through notifications and notes.
  4. Having a product configurator easy to use and powerful and easy to design and maintain
  5. Managing offers and orders with a flexible and customizable structure, integrated with the product configurator
  6. Generating Sales Budget and Rolling Forecast directly from the Opportunities
  7. Creating queries and reports for the Marketing analysis
  8. Installing the system on the personal laptop and working in detouched mode
  9. Creating mailing lists
  10. Having full knowledge on the installed base beside the Customers

Confinova CRM is structured in several modules:

  • The Opportunities module: this module allows the management of Customer and market data in an integrated manner, the forecast order and delivery dates, the success probability in the different stages (Sales funnel). Besides, it is possible to manage the lists of customer’s contacts, products and competitors.
  • The offer and order management module: it allows to answer  to the various requests with different customizable sale terms. Strength point of the module is the flexibility, allowing to comply with complex commercial dealings.
  • The configurator module conceived like a printed catalog with technical  data and images. The strength of the module is the user friendly interface with graphically reproduced selection rules.
  • The Sales Budget and Forecast module: generated by different classification levels, thus having detailed information on the budget and performance monitoring.
  • The strength of the all system stays in the remote installation management, using synchronization  filters capable of aligning only the information of interest for the local users, and the multi language interface, which can be enriched with new languages.

The trial version has 4 client licenses and some functional limitations (no configurator designer, no synchronization, no offer printouts). On the contrary it has no time limits (contribute with your suggestions for improvements to

Confinova is supported by FSC on the following editions of Windows 10 – Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise.