About us

FSC – Future Solutions Company srl


Management Consulting and System Integration Services


Consultancy is aimed at solving more complex management problems, such as:


  • identification of processes and activities having no added value
  • suppression of those through mining and integration of data, present in the various management systems
  • review of management processes based on the possibility of automating part or all of their activities.


FSC: the consultancy to call for critical projects


This because our intervention is focused on responding to customer needs. The analysis of the organizational structure and its revision allow the adoption of optimal IT solutions.

On the contrary, the intervention aimed at the adoption of a specific software will lead to reproduce the existing vicious processes, often overloading the reorganization cost with the rigidity of the new software solution adopted.

Our intervention begins with an analysis of the processes to be automated or integrated, the identification of solutions or software developments to be implemented, the Project Management of the implementation up to the training of users.


FSC has experience of international success by:


  • civil aircraft production planning
  • the introduction of new production management software in the agricultural machine industry in several European Countries
  • automation of railway vehicle revisions
  • the creation of a CRM (Confinova) with product configurator for the metrology, packing and packaging machine industries
  • the creation of a solution (S + F) for the synchronization of databases (even different ones) and files referenced in the database
  • the creation of document management workflows, based on the ELO product, for Legal Conservation, returns management in the food industry, document management in all the administration processes.