Solutions S + F

S+F   Database and File Synchronization


S+F (Synchronization and Files) is a new basic tool for synchronizing applications related to business management, operating both on databases and on files. Thanks to this software, business applications and files referenced within the application database can be synchronized with continuity and speed, allowing you to work on one or more databases from different places, with real-time updates.

Synchronization can also occur between databases of different types, such as SQL server, Access, MySQL, etc. Additionally an effective mapping system and trans-coding dictionaries allow to work with different application data.

The introduction of encryption and hashing tools allows to build data exchange registration system immutable and secured following the Block-chain logic either in a proprietary or distributed network.

S+F is a cutting-edge software, because it provides a definitive solution to problems concerning dependency and filtering relationships, which are required in a complex application and to which native database synchronization cannot make up.

S+F solves the problems of filtering and conflict solving through the definition of rules. These rules can be defined for each individual database in in front of its server, simply and quickly.