ELO allows document management and process automation through workflow

Our goal is to go beyond digitalisation and preservation of documents. It is to increase the efficiency of business processes through the complete automation of information management arriving from any source.

Customer Relationship Management

The special solution for companies producing or selling configurable products or solutions.

  • Management of prospect and customer contacts
  • Creation and control of the evolution of leads and negotiations
  • Product and solution configuration management
  • Management of sales and costs price lists by version
  • Generation of offers linked to the negotiations
  • Generation of the order starting from the offer and the project bill of materials
  • Management of offer and order versions
  • Budget and forecast management
  • Graphical dashboards of the progress of leads, negotiations, offers, orders

These functions can be implemented for other market application solutions through additional modules developed by FSC.

S + F – Synchronization and Files

S+F (Synchronization and Files) is a new basic tool for synchronizing applications related to business management, operating both on databases and on files. Thanks to this software, business applications and files referenced within the application database can be synchronized with continuity and speed, allowing you to work on one or more databases from different places, with real-time updates.

Synchronization can also occur between databases of different types, such as SQL server, Access, MySQL, etc. An effective mapping system and dictionaries also allows working with different application data.

S+F is a cutting-edge software, because it provides a definitive solution to problems concerning dependency and filtering relationships, which are required in a complex application and to which native database synchronization cannot make up.

S+F solves the problems of filtering and conflict solving through the definition of rules. These rules can be defined for each individual database in respect to its server, simply and quickly.