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Thursday, 27 Jun 2019
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The Sales Budget

The Sales Budget is generated from Negotiations in function of their success probability. In the same way a Rolling Forecast is generated periodically. Reporting can be obtained at any moment on-screen or on printouts.


The system can build automatically the budget. The Budget is built defining Budget profiles, where the desired axis’s are defined : Product classes, market sector, Sales structure and geographical Areas. The system collects the negotiations summing up by the defined axis’s. It takes in account first the orders, backlog in the period, then those negotiations, success percentage of which is over an assigned threshold. Forecast additional sales can be entered manually to reach the desired target in the medium-long period.







The Budget volumes calculated may be two :

  • Volume of collected orders (targets for the Sales Force)
  • Volume of shipped orders (input for Finance Budget)

The Budget output for the Production Department is the mix of Groups calculated from Orders, Offers configurations or from budget standard configurations.

Periodically can be generated a Rolling Forecast for a free range of months. The method of the Rolling Forecast generation is the same as described for the Budget.

The comparison between actuals and Budget or Forecast is possible through the Inquiry function. Several different reports can be generated for different views.



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