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Thursday, 27 Jun 2019
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The Offer and Order Management Module

Offer and Order Management is flexible, because its structure is easily adapted to every specific requirement by a parametric definition of commercial terms. Offer and Order Management is completely integrated with the Product Configurator.
In this module it’s possible to design the quotation and order management process following different requirements. Defining different Offer types, it’s possible to manage complex processes (like the sales of machines or plants) together with simple processes, like the sale of spare parts. In a complex multinational organization different sales processes can be designed for the different Business Entities.

Any Company can easily customize the Offer/Order management procedure by adding to the sale terms its own list of technical and commercial terms.

Treating an industrial environment, where commercial dealings are complex, flexibility was our main concern.


Flexibility was achieved:


Allowing adjustments for each offer on :

  • - the entire Price List
  • - the exchange Rate for quotations in currencies different from the Price List currency
  • - the price at level of single option, item total, offer total



Allowing to write free notes on :

  • - Offer/Order header and items
  • - each configuration option
  • - technical or commercial terms




Allowing to add to the compositions items out of the Configurator control :

- spare or loose parts
- un-coded parts or services bought from 3rd parties
- proposed accessories not affecting the quotation total amount.



Quotation must be fully described by texts and images, but also its graphical appearance must be at the highest standard. Then custom printouts are generated in MSWord® or MSExcel®.


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