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Thursday, 27 Jun 2019


S+F is a new basic tool for synchronizing business management applications, operating both on the database data and the related files. With this software, business applications and files referenced within the database can be synchronized continuously and quickly, allowing to operate on one or more databases from different places, assuring real-time updates.

Synchronization can also occur between different types of databases such as SQL Server, Access or MySQL, ... . An effective system combined of mappings and dictionaries allows to synchronize data and files from different applications.

S+F is a cutting-edge software, because it provides a permanent solution to the problems that concern the relations of dependency and filtering. This is the requirement of any complex application, to which the native database synchronization cannot give a answer. S + F solves the problems of filtering and conflict solving by establishing rules. These rules can be defined for each database in respect of its servers and vice versa , quickly and easily.

S+F is supported by FSC on the following editions of Windows 10 - Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise.

Download PDF S+F (Syncronization and files)

syncronization plus files