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Thursday, 27 Jun 2019

Advanced Electronic Signature

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The service FSCSign integrates the Electronic Signatures with the Document Management solution.

Also documents, requiring a graphical signature, from now onward will be only digital  through the use of the Advanced Electronic Signature from NAMIRIAL.

FSC has established a partnership with NAMIRIAL SPA from Senigallia, the first company to have certificated the advanced electronic signature compliant with the Technical Regulations given by the Italian Code of Digital Administration, published on May 2013.

With these integrations FSC is able to drive the customer company to a fully digital management of documents.

Documents with legal or fiscal relevance will be only digital and their conservation will be done following the legal standards of “Conservazione a Norma” by the internal activation of the conservation procedures or through the Cloud service provided by FSC through specialized partners.

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